Media report

TMC news and USA-Sino News reported this tournament. See inside.


  • 57 players
  • ~90 games played
  • Actual total time: 9.5 hours
  • Number of institutes: 10. Including BCM, Rice, MD Anderson, UT, UH, TAMU, IBT, Lamar, PVAM, SBEC and Shell
  • Number of organizers and volunteers: 14
  • When and Where: Oct 14, 2006, Baylor College of Medicine Gym


After about 10 hour's intensive competition we have the following winners. Congratulations to them!

Organizers and volunteers

This tournament was organized by BCM badminton club and BCSSA. Here are the individuals who have been working really hard in the past 3 months to make the tournament happen.


We compiled some photos here for you to view and download. We are sorry we wasn't able to take a photo for everybody. We also have two video clips (in flash format). clip 1 clip 2


Without the generous support from the following sponsors, we won't have lunch/drink, or trophies, or shuttle cocks, or even the tournament itself. Thank them!

Baylor College of Medicine, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston, Yonex, Pro Supex, MACS, Chase Bank (TMC branch), BCM Credit Union, Eppendorf, Millipore, VWR International, Corning, SportsNet International, Ashaway, Fisher, EMD, CLP. Special thanks to Prof Zheng Zhou who personally donated $100.

Email list

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Media report


Men's Singles:

1st place: Weihua Zhang
2nd place: Xiaobo Peng
3rd place: Tjiputra Tham
4th place: Ionut Prodan

Mens' Doubles:

1st place: Alou Lin & Garrick Liang
2nd place: Weihua Zhang & Xiaopin Sun
3rd place: Defeng De & Shenying Fang
4th place: Yi Xu & Xiaoliu Zhang

Women's Singles:

1st place: Ya-ping Ko
2nd place: Hui Zhang
3rd place: Xiaowen Liang

Women's Doubles:

1st place: Christine Lesslar & Tina Kim
2nd place: Weiqin Chen & Hui Zhang
3rd place: Liping Dong & Qiaozhen Ye
4th place: Xiaowen Liang & Ya-ping Ko

Mixed Doubles:

1st place: Christine Lesslar & Khoi Pham
2nd place: Weiqin Chen & Rong Cai
3rd place: Qiuni Penuel & Ionut Prodan
4th place: Hui Zhang & Zhiyong Wang

Organizers and volunteers

Yan Wang, vice president of badminton club  How could you forget Yan if you participated in the tournament? It was her scheduling that made the whole tournament clean and effective; it was her idea to make the scoring pads so everybody could see the score clearly. Yan was the core coordinator on the tournament day. She and her referee team made a perfection.

Zhiyi Liu, Wendong Yu, Fei Zheng, volunteers, Yanís team Do you think it is an easy job to track the positions of players? What about doing this for 8 hours? With their superb brain strength, they made it.

Zhao Ge, president of BCSSA It was Zhao (and Xiaomeng below) who initiated planning the tournament. We may not have such a tournament at all without them. Zhao supervised the overall tournament preparation and also successfully found financial support for the tournament.

Xiaomeng Yu, vice president of badminton club Besides initiating planning the tournament with Zhao (above), Xiaomeng also took charge of a lot of things such as drink, food, logo design, photography and T-shirt. He also actively and successfully found sponsors for this tournament. We canít imagine what would happen without him.

Hui Zhang, vice president of badminton club Besides taking charging of raffling, this outgoing girl served as our diplomat. The regards from Gao Ling, the world champion in mixed double, is via Hui. Hui was also a money-finder.

Ming Li, former president of badminton club Ming founded the badminton club in 2001. After that, he helped Pia Hermanns organizing the previous 4 tournaments. With a lot of experience, he served as the advisor in the organizing committee.

Tzu-Ling Sung, Yiying Xie, Kun Huang, volunteers These pretty girls were probably the first people you saw when you entered the gym. They took care of reception, distributing T-shit and drinks. Later they served as referees.

Jinglan Zhang, volunteer Jinglan, together with Xiaomeng (above), took charge of photography on the tournament day. They captured the most beautiful moments for us.

Xu Cui, president of badminton club Together with Zhao and Xiaomeng (above), Xu took charge of the overall preparation of the tournament. He split jobs and also served as interface between organizers and players. He also found some financial support.

Pia Hermanns, organizer of the last 4 tournaments That we badminton fans can get together and have fun once a year is all due to the effort of one remarkable individual: Pia Hermanns. Pia successfully organized the last 4 tournaments - mostly by herself! How she made it is beyond our imagination. Pia took a faculty position back in Germany in 2006 and thus left us. Though no longer with us, Pia still helped us with this year's tournament via email. She is always a heroine in our hearts.

Also special thanks to Prof Xiaoliu Zhang who helped us finding financial support.