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PaperBox’s “eyes”: always be the first to know new publications

July 8th, 2013

When I was a student in Baylor College of Medicine, I spent most of my time in front of computers analyzing data. One day I noticed that a few fellow students and postdocs, as well as our advisor, are discussing something. I moved closer and found they were talking about a paper on an imaging method.

I am pretty embarrassed because I never read the paper. I actually did not know when the paper was published. It was later did I realize that the paper was published a year ago! So I just stood there silently listening - but like many scientific discussions, you get very little when you did not prepare.

I wish I had a tool to discover relevant papers for me. At that time there were none so we had to develop a new one. It is called PaperBox. Today I use it everyday. I have set up about 50 “eyes”. Some on topics I am interested in (for example “fmri nirs”, or “social nirs”), some on researchers (for example, “read montague”, or “signe bray”). Whenever there are new publications on these topics, or by these authors, I will get an email from PaperBox. Quite often I discover something I would not without the tool. For example, just a few days ago PaperBox discovers a paper titled “BigBrain: an ultrahigh-resolution 3D human brain model“. This is a very nice paper so I forwarded it to our lab.

Do you also need a tool to track publications for you? You can try PaperBox (Disclaimer: I am the leading developer of PaperBox).

Where to download PaperBox?

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October 30th, 2012

PaperBox是一款优秀的云端文献管理软件,许多顶尖名校(斯坦福大学,哈佛,北大清华等)的学生和教授(包括美国科学院院士)都在使用。和传统的文 献管理软件(比如endnote等)不同,您可以为她安装眼睛,这样一旦她发现新的重要文献符合您的兴趣,她就自动把它呈交给您(像您的秘书一样)。能够 在第一时间了解行业动态是我们做研究的必备能力,可是每天所发表的新文章浩如烟海,应接不暇,实在让人头痛。PaperBox就解决了这个问题。



PaperBox 对轻量级的用户是免费的(文献数目<50),为了让该博客的读者更好地试用,我们为前100名注册的用户提供免费的三年无限制账户。下载软件 后,单击“Account”按钮,把下面的升级代码填写到“Update code”一栏,并单击“Update”按钮。即可。

代码是: I_like_Xu_


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Recommending a free reference manager, PaperBox

October 4th, 2012

Reference managing is pretty annoying. But you can’t do research without reading papers, and can’t write manuscript without citing papers. Here I recommend a program which will effectively solve this problem.

PaperBox ( is like EndNote, but with the following features:

  1. Access my library from any computer. For example, I have a Mac at lab, a PC at home, I also have an iPad and android smartphone.  I found an interesting paper at lab and added to my library and when I return home and log in PaperBox I can find that paper.
  2. Easy collaboration. I am managing a project on studying the social effect on human brain. Quite a few people are in this project, including 3 students and 2 postdocs. We need to constantly share papers and do journal clubs. We used to use email attachments; but it’s painful. Now with paperbox, I simply create a tag called “cog_social” and shared it with my colleagues. Whenever I add papers into this tag, they instantly get notified and see the paper. They can also add new papers to the tag. On top of it, we can cite the papers we collected together in Word - previously we have to email our endnote library back and forth.
  3. Realtime reference hinting. I found I need a “writing mood” to write papers. But my writing mood was always interrupted when I had to switch between Word and Endnote, and switch between keyboard and mouse. Now with the “realtime reference hinting” feature, I can cite in MS Word without breaking my flow. I simply type {{ and all my papers are listed. If I want to cite a paper authored by “David”, then I simply type {{david and only David’s papers are listed. Then I hit return and insert the citation. After the paper is done, I select a journal (e.g. Nature) and the citation is formatted accordingly.
  4. Import from EndNote. I have 60 papers in my EndNote library. First I saved my EndNote library as xml format, then imported that xml file in Peaya Paper. All my papers (and PDFs) are imported.

Other features include new paper alert, tagging, and discussion, etc. I’m sure your productivity will be improved a lot.

Where to download:

Disclosure: I am the founder of PaperBox.

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Learn Peaya Paper in 5 minutes!

March 24th, 2012
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