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xjview 10.0 released

xjView is a viewing program to visualize fMRI images. It can also be used to visualize fNIRS data if you convert the fNIRS activation data to a brain image. Today, we released version 10.0. The main updates are: The AAL version is updated to AAL3v1 I
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nirs2img, create an image file from NIRS data

Update 2021/2/27: If you find griddata3 not working, try to change griddata3 to griddata. I was asked where to get nirs2img script. Here it is. The download link is at the bottom of this article. nirs2img is to create an image file from the input dat
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Fix narginchk Error using SPM

Today I downloaded SPM 12 latest version, and when I tried to start it complained: Error using narginchk (line 10) too many input arguments This error is caused by the conflict of multiple narginchk functions. To find out where they are, type >>
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6 experiments you should do with NIRS (vs fMRI)

Let’s be frank. Compared to fMRI, NIRS has a number of intrinsic weaknesses. The signal to noise ratio is lower, the spatial resolution is (10x) lower, it can’t measure the deep brain, and it only covers a portio
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BOLD5000, A public fMRI dataset of 5000 images

Official website and download Full text paper link Good news for brain imaging researchers. There is a new dataset available for you to play with. BOLD5000 is a large-scale, slow event-related fMRI dataset collected on 4 subjects, each observing 5,25
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Google Dataset search, a great tool for fNIRS and…

Google just launched a new search engine: Google Dataset search. With this app, scientists can search public datasets published in scientific journals (and possibly other sources). According to Google, “Dataset Search enables users to find data
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Is measuring both oxy and deoxy-Hb useful?

One of the advantages of NIRS is that it measure two values at a time – both oxy- and deoxy-Hb concentration, while fMRI measure only one value, called BOLD. (See a comparison between NIRS and fMRI.) However, what is the use of measuring two va
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Finger tapping task MatLab script

Finger tapping is probably the most used task in brain imaging studies (fMRI and NIRS). The task is simple and elicits robust brain signal in the motor cortex. We always use it to test new devices or develop a new method. If you want to control your
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NIRS-fMRI concurrent experiement – it could be painful

Back in 2010 we ran a simultaneous fMRI-NIRS experiment (see publication here). At that time we borrowed a 10m long optical fibers from Hitachi (Thank them!). The participants had to wear a NIRS cap (with probes) while lying in a fMRI scanner. And th
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