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Good typing games for kids

My son asked me to teach him typing today. I remember I used to play some computer games for typing when I started learning computer back in 1996. Game is a great way for kids to practice, so I searched for typing games. In the end I found BBC’
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What to do during coronavirus outbreak

中文版 The author of this coronavirus precautionary measures is James Robb, MD UC San Diego. It’s a rea
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2019-nCov Publication List

The 2019–2020 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is a viral epidemic primarily affecting mainland China, along with isolated cases in 27 other countries and territories (From WikiPedia). Here we list the publications related to 2019-nCov. The list is updated
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After fNIRS experiment …

I found this photo today taken on April 1st, 2011. This was after I took a simultaneous fNIRS-fMRI experiment at Lucas Center, Stanford. This study required the participants to wear a cap with optical probes pointing on their heads. After the experim
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Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 for free

Back in August, 2013 I purchased a Dell computer (OptiPlex 9010 Minitower) which has been working very well. It has Windows 7 installed. Recently I got a notification that Windows 7 will reach End of Life (i.e. Microsoft will no longer support it) so
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How to backup your emails (GMail)

If you decide to abandon a GMail account (not just personal GMail, GSuite included), you might want to save a record of the past emails. Or maybe you simply want to backup your emails. How to do that? Google Takeout will do the work. Go to https://ta
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My blog has a new look

I started blogging in about 2008. At that time I just started to develop my first startup product, a cloud reference manager for researchers called Peaya (then PaperBox) which unfortunately (or fortunately?) failed miserably later. At that time I was
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