Hide icons of free web traffic service

<span style=”display:none”>traffic statistics code</span> You should put this right before </body>
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Screen capture and video editing

I use the following free programs to capture screen and edit the videos. CamStudio for screen capture. Output is AVI. Current version: 2.5 beta VirtualDub for editing (e.g. trimming unwanted frames). Output is AVI. WinFF for converting AVI to FLV. Al
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How to redirect a url (webpage)?

301 redirect Put .htaccess file in your web directory. In .htaccess include: Redirect 301 /index.html http://www.example.com/start.html The file ‘index.html’ doesn’t have to exist. meta redirect Include the following line in <hea
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How to edit footer for phpBB forum and wordpress…

phpBB Where is the footer file? /styles/prosilver/template/overall_footer.html After change the file, you need to clear cache. How? Log in as administrator, enter Administration Control Panel. Click “Styles” tab. Click Template, Click Cac
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The HTML Coded Character Set

When writing html, I frequently find I need to use the code for some characters. Here is the table http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-spec_13.html
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amfphp bug? Negative integer becomes big positive

In local actionscript, if you have an object like: o.x = 6; o.y = -5; Then send this object to remote server using amfphp, the object becomes o = 6; o = 4294967290; This could be a bug…
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LaTex support

I use jsMath to write mathematical equations in this blog. Here is an example This is inline equation (use slash parenthesis): \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma=\pi\) This is one line equation (use double dollar sign \$\$…\$\$): $$\int {1\over x}\,dx =
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code highlighter

The code highlighter used in this blog is SyntaxHighlighter Plus. It’s quite easy to set it up. (1) download and unzip to wp-content/plugins (2) activate it. Note: css style for SyntaxHighlighter is shlfiles/SyntaxHighlighter.css under this plu
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