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How to edit footer for phpBB forum and wordpress blog?

phpBB Where is the footer file? /styles/prosilver/template/overall_footer.html After change the file, you need to clear cache. How? Log in as administrator, enter Administration Control Panel. Click “Styles” tab. Click Template, Click Cac
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p2p connection with Adobe AIR/Flex

check out Stratus. With Stratus you can create: A video chat application Multi-player games Voice Over IP Also check out this tutorial
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看这个视频 ,也可以听的到的。音量开到最大,不带麦也可以听到。超级雷人,董卿把不要把人家给毁了。    4分45秒,音量开最大,超级尴尬时刻,真相都在里面。刘谦:我们要用到另外一颗鸡蛋,来(主持人)再
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I’m in China now

Visa is being checked and I’m waiting …
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AIR or Flex: Double click datagrid doesn’t work?

If so, you might forget to set doubleClickEnabled=true for the datagrid.
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Retinotopy analysis with MrVista

This protocol is based on Rory Sayres‘ teaching. Download and install MrVista svn checkout https://white.stanford.edu/repos/vistasoft If you already downloaded an older version, use svn update https://white.stanford.edu/repos/vi
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Localize AIR/Flex applications

The very first thing to do is to create a locale file using copylocale utility. e.g. copylocale en_US zh_CN More detail can be found in http://www.herrodius.com/blog/123 and here is a copy from there: – open a command line (run as administrator
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Data binding using pure actionscript

To call a function when a property of an object changes, use the following code BindingUtils.bindSetter(callThisFunction, aObject, "prop"); Note, callThisFunction is a setter (need one argument and return void) In MXML it’s easy to bin
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