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卧槽泥马:   ⑴形容识人不明.表示明明其能力不足.但上位者因为种种原因或糊涂.任其肆意妄为.   ⑵形容虚有其表,窃居名位者.表示即使给某人相应的地位.但其能力不足是无法改变的.(等同于烂泥扶不上墙
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brain images: Change data type of brain image

Last update: 2012/09/04 An image file can be saved in different formats such as uint8 or int16, etc, based on different number of bytes used for each voxel. How to convert between them? Here is one solution using SPM functions (no need SPM’s in
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Brain AC-PC line

AC: anterior commissure PC: posterior commissure The Anterior Commissure (precommissure) is a bundle of white fibers, connecting the two cerebral hemispheres across the middle line, and placed in front of the columns of the fornix. On a sagittal sect
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Talk by Frans de Waal

Today I listened to Frans de Waal’s talk on empathy in primates. It’s quite interesting. He wrote several popular books including “Chimpanzee Politics”. Links: Frans de Waal
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View 200+ AIR/Flex samples (Tour de Flex)

http://flex.org/tour Especially checkout two applications: 1. Badger 2. Transparent video window
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Writing tips

The knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated … The Knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated … (get rid of the in front of knowledge) Don’t start a sentence with it, this. Instead, specify what it is. Don’t
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Analyze NIRS data with NIRS-SPM

being updated for v01_r14 … NIRS-SPM is a SPM5 and MATLAB-based software package for statistical analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) signals, developed at the Bio Imaging Signal Processing (BISP) lab. at KAIST in Korea. prepare files
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regular expression in actionscript

lazy quantifier: Add a question mark (?) after any quantifier to change it to what is known as a lazy quantifier. For example, the following regular expression, which uses the lazy *? quantifier, matches <p> followed by the minimum number of ch
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Lock datagrid column width

In my datagrid, even when I set the width of some columns explicitly, they always change in an unpredictable way when I (1) resize my window (2) minimize and maximize the window. I finally find the cause: it’s because I used “minWidthR
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