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看这个视频 ,也可以听的到的。音量开到最大,不带麦也可以听到。超级雷人,董卿把不要把人家给毁了。    4分45秒,音量开最大,超级尴尬时刻,真相都在里面。刘谦:我们要用到另外一颗鸡蛋,来(主持人)再
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I’m in China now

Visa is being checked and I’m waiting …
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AIR or Flex: Double click datagrid doesn’t work?

If so, you might forget to set doubleClickEnabled=true for the datagrid.
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Retinotopy analysis with MrVista

This protocol is based on Rory Sayres‘ teaching. Download and install MrVista svn checkout https://white.stanford.edu/repos/vistasoft If you already downloaded an older version, use svn update https://white.stanford.edu/repos/vi
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Localize AIR/Flex applications

The very first thing to do is to create a locale file using copylocale utility. e.g. copylocale en_US zh_CN More detail can be found in http://www.herrodius.com/blog/123 and here is a copy from there: – open a command line (run as administrator
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Data binding using pure actionscript

To call a function when a property of an object changes, use the following code BindingUtils.bindSetter(callThisFunction, aObject, "prop"); Note, callThisFunction is a setter (need one argument and return void) In MXML it’s easy to bin
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卧槽泥马:   ⑴形容识人不明.表示明明其能力不足.但上位者因为种种原因或糊涂.任其肆意妄为.   ⑵形容虚有其表,窃居名位者.表示即使给某人相应的地位.但其能力不足是无法改变的.(等同于烂泥扶不上墙
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brain images: Change data type of brain image

Last update: 2012/09/04 An image file can be saved in different formats such as uint8 or int16, etc, based on different number of bytes used for each voxel. How to convert between them? Here is one solution using SPM functions (no need SPM’s in
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