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brain image preprocessing

convert between different image formats strip skull (FSL bet, or Bet for gui) bet brain.nii brain_noskull.nii register to a standard brain (FSL flirt, or Flirt for gui) Select avg152T1_brain.img as reference, use rigid body (6 parameters) A mat file
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upload a file with php and AIR

Let’s say you want to upload a file to your server with your AIR program (using File.upload). On the server side you have a php script to handle the file uploading. A very common mistake is that the name of the file field in your AIR (by defaul
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Stanford NIRS lab

Check out Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) Lab I take charge of: http://spnl.stanford.edu/tools/nirsCIBSR/nirsHome.htm NIRS allows you to measure neural activities on the surface of the brain. Some labs use NIRS to do brain-computer interface, i.e.
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includeInLayout hide/show a component

Let’s say you have a Label and you want to show this label only when condition == true, you may do this: <mx:VBox> ... other components ... <mx:Label text="this is label" visible="{condition}"/> ... other compone
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原文很长,先总结以下: 平衡饮食 饮 绿茶(不是红茶,不是茉莉花茶),抗癌,固牙,有利脑血管。每天4杯,晚上睡前不要喝 红葡萄酒,或者红葡萄皮(不是白葡萄)。对心脏好,降血压血脂。每天不超过100毫升
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Learning Employee Directory: How to add a field to employee data?

Return to table of contents Let’s say you want to modify Employee Directory for your own company and you want to add another filed (fax) to the employee data. How to do this? In EmployeePanelDetail.mxml, add the following block. <!-- fax --&
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My brain in many flavors

Below are some pictures of my own brain. 001 rawavg orig nu T1 brainmask norm nu_noneck aseg brain brain.finalsurfs wm.seg wm filled lh.orig.nofix lh.smoothwm.nofix lh.inflated.nofix lh.qsphere.nofix lh.orig lh.white lh.pial lh.smoothwm lh.inflated l
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Kolmogorov-Smirnov test

KS test is like T test; but it tests not only the mean but also the distribution. The null hypothesis for this test is that the two data sets are drawn from the same continuous distribution. In matlab, you can use function kstest2 to perform two-samp
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Adobe AIR error #3132

You may get this error: could not convert text value to numeric value. Error #3132: Data type mismatch. People have discussed this error related to date column. Here is another case where this error could happen: when a column in sqlite is BIGINT and
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