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MatLab: figure window always on top (front)

When there is keyboard input, the command window of MatLab will gain focus and all its figure windows will be hiden back. How to make a figure window always on top? I use setWindowOnTop.m downloaded from http://webscripts.softpedia.com/script/Develop
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typecast in MatLab to convert data type

We need to get real-time neural signal from Hitachi’s ETG4000. Hitachi provides a MatLab script “RealtimeOT” to get data from a parallel port and convert the binary data to float. Here is what they did: fp=fopen('temp',�
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code highlighter

The code highlighter used in this blog is SyntaxHighlighter Plus. It’s quite easy to set it up. (1) download and unzip to wp-content/plugins (2) activate it. Note: css style for SyntaxHighlighter is shlfiles/SyntaxHighlighter.css under this plu
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Life is learning

/** * Life is learning * So, */ while(alive) { learn; }
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Learning Employee Directory 2.3 Cairngorm

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Learning Employee Directory 5.2 event clone

Return to table of contents ED’s custom events don’t override the clone() method: it doesn’t need because the events are never redispatched. When I test one of my applications I kept getting the following error: Error #1034: Type Co
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mymvc: Adobe AIR (Flex) application framework

update: Checkout MyMVC official website. —- I find software architecture is quite an interesting topic as I am learning it. A program is like an organization — how to assemble units such that the entire program is “good”? By &
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Learning Employee Directory 5. Events

Return to table of contents ED defines 4 custom events,CommandCompleteEventCommandProgressEventDataSynchronizationEventSelectedItemChangeEvent The main job of these custom events seems to define constant (say public static const COMPLETE : String = &
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Learning Employee Directory 2.2 Commands

Return to table of contents All command classes are inherited from class Command. By name, commands perform something. Every command has execute() which does the job, and emits progress and complete event, and possibly error event. The base class, Co
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