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第五十三期fNIRS Journal Club通知2024/06/22, 10am 李洪

Wanling Zhu
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第五十二期fNIRS Journal Club视频 周欣博士

Youtube:优酷: 自闭症特质(A
Wanling Zhu
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第五十二期fNIRS Journal Club通知2024/06/01, 10am 周欣博士

自闭症特质(Autistic traits)影响人与人之间的社交互动,但该影响背后的神经机制仍然有待研究。来自香港中文大学的周欣博士将分享团队利用近红外超扫描技术研究不同互动场景下脑同步与自闭特质之间
Wanling Zhu
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  1. Sorry to disturb you.I am a student from Peking University.I learn to study FreeSurfer recently and met some problems.

    across recon-all the image I get is only a piece of brain.It is not full brain,
    I don’t know why.Can you reply to my email? [email protected]

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