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X11 with PuTTY

X window doesn’t work with PuTTY (download) alone. Download, install and run xming (~2M). Check “Enable X11 forwarding” in PuTTY configuration window, and ssh to your server. Check if X window works by run command “xclock̶
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张三,李四两朋友好久没有见面了,这次相见到格外亲切,问长问短。时间过得真快,如今李四已经是2个孩子的父亲了。 于是,张三问到:你已经是两个孩子的父亲了,恭喜恭喜,那么这两个孩子的性别分别是什么呢?李四
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xjView, a viewing program for SPM2, SPM5, SPM8 and SPM12

xjView’s official webpage moves to https://www.alivelearn.net/xjview/ xjView is a MatLab program Jian and I wrote a few years ago to display SPM T-test images more easily. Main features include p-value slider: change p-value and display the sup
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retinotopy with freesurfer

Retinotopy analysis consists two parts, one on high resolution structural images (segmentation, inflation, cut, etc), the other on functional images. structural Before you start, you need to put the structural i
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brain images: convert between different formats

For single file to single file conversion, you usually use mri_convert of freesurfer. For example mri_convert x.img y.nii Other options would be LONI Debabeler or MRICro. Here are some special cases: multiple 3D ANALYZE to a single 4D Nifti: mri_conc
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I support PLoS

As an author, when you publish paper, you pay to the publisher; As a reader, when you read paper, you pay to the publisher; This is absolutely ridiculous! The research is done using tax payer’s money and tax payers have to pay to access the pub
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amfphp bug? Negative integer becomes big positive

In local actionscript, if you have an object like: o.x = 6; o.y = -5; Then send this object to remote server using amfphp, the object becomes o = 6; o = 4294967290; This could be a bug…
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sqlite: update id automatically in a relational table

Let’s say we have three tables: user, paper, userPaperRelation. user has columns id and username paper has column id and title userPaperRelation has columns userID and paperID. userID corresponds to the id in user table; paperID corresponds to
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