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sqlite: update id automatically in a relational table

Let’s say we have three tables: user, paper, userPaperRelation. user has columns id and username paper has column id and title userPaperRelation has columns userID and paperID. userID corresponds to the id in user table; paperID corresponds to
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fslmerge: convert 3D ANALYZE to Nifti

/fs/quarry/cuixu/fsl/fslmerge -t f I_???.* On my computer, it doesn’t convert to .nii file; but to a single img/hdr pair. This method won’t be used. Instead, I use freesurfer’s mri_concat now. See here.
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vim cheatsheet

http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/vimcheat.html Author: Nana Långstedt < nana.langstedt at gmail.com >   Working with files Vim command Action :e filename Open a new file. You can use the Tab key for automatic file name completion, just li
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LaTex support

I use jsMath to write mathematical equations in this blog. Here is an example This is inline equation (use slash parenthesis): \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma=\pi\) This is one line equation (use double dollar sign \$\$…\$\$): $$\int {1\over x}\,dx =
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MatLab: figure window always on top (front)

When there is keyboard input, the command window of MatLab will gain focus and all its figure windows will be hiden back. How to make a figure window always on top? I use setWindowOnTop.m downloaded from http://webscripts.softpedia.com/script/Develop
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typecast in MatLab to convert data type

We need to get real-time neural signal from Hitachi’s ETG4000. Hitachi provides a MatLab script “RealtimeOT” to get data from a parallel port and convert the binary data to float. Here is what they did: fp=fopen('temp',�
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code highlighter

The code highlighter used in this blog is SyntaxHighlighter Plus. It’s quite easy to set it up. (1) download and unzip to wp-content/plugins (2) activate it. Note: css style for SyntaxHighlighter is shlfiles/SyntaxHighlighter.css under this plu
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Life is learning

/** * Life is learning * So, */ while(alive) { learn; }
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Learning Employee Directory 2.3 Cairngorm

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