I support PLoS

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As an author, when you publish paper, you pay to the publisher;
As a reader, when you read paper, you pay to the publisher;
This is absolutely ridiculous! The research is done using tax payer’s money and tax payers have to pay to access the publication!

I Support PLoS - Public Library of Science


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How much do we know about the universe? Hubble’s…

When we looked at the space at night, we see a lot of stars, dotted on a vast dark space. But is there anything in the dark area? Guess, in the photo below, how many stars are in the red circle? None? A few? A few thousand? Billions of stars? In 2002
Xu Cui
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今天看到好视频:老树画画 《做一个梦》

看这个视频真是痛快!去他妈的“成功”!为别人活有什么用? youtube版: youku版:
Xu Cui
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Life is learning

/** * Life is learning * So, */ while(alive) { learn; }
Xu Cui
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