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Jobs available @ UCSF

Posted for Fumiko Hoeft, Director of BrainLENS at UCSF:

Join us at UCSF Hoeft Neuroscience Lab and Precision Learning Center, a multicampus science of learning initiative consisting of 6 Univ. CA schools (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, LA, Merced, SF) and Stanford.

We are expanding and hiring!

(1) 2 RESEARCH SCIENTISTS or POSTDOCS. Experts in signal processing, neuroimaging and big data analytics
(2) 2-3 RESEARCH ASSISTANTS. Interested in neuropsychological assessment (English, Spanish, Cantonese)

UCSF is situated at the heart of San Francisco, CA, and is a premier biomedical research institution, ranked second in the world for Neuroscience and Behavior by US News.


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Try Stork, a research tool we developed

Stork is a publication alert app developed by us at Stanford. As a researcher we often forget to follow up important publications - and it's practically impossible to search many keywords or researchers' names everyday. Stork can help us to search everyday and notifies us when there are new publications/grants. How Stork helped me?

About the author:

Xu Cui is a human brain research scientist in Stanford University. He lives in the Bay Area in the United States. He is also the founder of Stork (smart publication alert app), PaperBox and BizGenius.


He was born in He'nan province, China. He received education in Beijing University(BS), University of Tennessee (Knoxville) (MS), Baylor College of Medicine (PhD) and Stanford University (PostDoc). Read more ...
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