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Learning Employee Directory Series

Employee Directory is an AIR sample application from which I learned a lot. (try it) Here I post some of what I learned here. 1. introduction 2. structure 2.1 singleton 2.2 command 2.3 Cairngorm 3. ui 3.1 style 3.2 size 3.3 component 4. flow 5 events
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The HTML Coded Character Set

When writing html, I frequently find I need to use the code for some characters. Here is the table http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-spec_13.html
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recon-all of freesurfer

recon-all is a batch program and runs >30 steps.  It easily takes 30 hours to finish one subject. Use tkmedit CON14 T1.mgz and tksurfer CON14 lh inflated to visualize images. More about visualization with freesurfer. Note: commands are in green. T
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Adobe AIR error 303

You may get a 303 error when trying to use custom icons in your AIR application (even when your icon files are in the right place). Solution: Assume you are using Flex Builder. First move your icon files out of your source directory (e.g. move to Des
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blackScreen, a program reminding you to relax

blackScreen has a simple function: it makes your computer screen black every 30 min (changable) so you can walk around and relax your eyes. To install, go to Adobe AIR marketplace and click INSTALL NOW. Or, you can follow the steps below: Download an
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Lucas Center tips

Hardware settings In the “Projector source” panel, click “eprime” button to select Eprime as source. Always turn the knob to “SRBox” instead of “USBox”. Transfering data: You use gFTP to transfer data f
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Trigger scanner script: E-Prime and MatLab

E-Prime This piece of code is used in Lucas Center scanner #2 at Stanford University. SRBOX.Lamps "4" Sleep(100) SRBOX.Lamps "" Set SumACC = New Summation You also need to declare SumACC in user script Dim SumACC = As Summation Ma
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link http://cvcl.mit.edu/hybrid_gallery/monroe_einstein.html
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X11 with PuTTY

X window doesn’t work with PuTTY (download) alone. Download, install and run xming (~2M). Check “Enable X11 forwarding” in PuTTY configuration window, and ssh to your server. Check if X window works by run command “xclock̶
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