Writing tips

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  1. The knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated …
    The Knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated … (get rid of the in front of knowledge)
  2. Don’t start a sentence with it, this. Instead, specify what it is.
  3. Don’t start a paragraph with “at the same time”. At the same time of what?!
  4. When writing a grant/fellowship, use their language (e.g. if they say ‘specific plans’, you should not say ‘specific aims’
  5. Use ‘brain disorder’ instead of ‘mental disorder’ (well, this should depend on the context)
  6. The overarching goal of this study is to develop …
  7. Success in the enterprise will provide important theoretical and clinical insights and will launch future interdisciplinary basic, clinical, translational pediatric neuroscience research.

Is AI able to write papers?

As researchers, we all have a dream: it would be fantastic if AI could write papers one day! This sounds like a science fiction, but after I used Stork‘s new feature “AI Creative Abstract“, I feel that this day is coming soon. In or
Xu Cui
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该文章可以通过该链接完整阅读(包括图片。这些图片有时微信禁止转载)。 我们印象当中,发文章需要做大量的实验和分析。实验对象可以是原子、病毒,可以是疾病、人群,也可以是恒星、宇宙。可是,如果分析的对象是
Xu Cui
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Remote fNIRS

Everytime I met Dr Leanne Hirshfield, I am impressed by her energy and passion with the fNIRS technology. It was a pleasure listening to her talking about her latest research. When we met last time in a Starbucks in the bay area in June, 2019, she to
Xu Cui
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