文献这件事其实挺烦人的。但是做研究少不了读文献,写文章少不了引用文献。我给大家推荐个软件可以非常有效地完成这些事情。 PaperBox有些类似EndNote,但有下面的特点: 基于云(Cloud-ba
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Increase your virtual machine disk size in VMWare

Host OS: Mac Virtual machine: Windows XP Problem: You initially set the hard disk size to 20G. Later you find you need to increase the disk size to 100G. Solution: turn off your virtual machine and set the hard disk size to 100G. You don’t need
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How to make your external NTFS hard disk writable…

You can only read, but not write to, your external NTFS hard disk? Here is a solution: 1. Go to and download/install macfuse 2. Go to and download/install ntfs-3g 3.
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