Raspberry Pi for research labs (1)

Raspberry Pi for research labs (3) Raspberry Pi for research labs (2) Raspberry Pi is a mini and incredibly cheap PC. The size is like a credit card, and the price is $35. See how small it is compared to my hand. If you connect Pi with a TV (or monit
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Amf3Broker error and fix

I encounter this error in an AIR application which uses amfphp for remoting: The class {Amf3Broker} could not be found under the class path {/var/htdocs/amfphp/services/amfphp/Amf3Broker.php} I googled and found several links, but their suggestions d
Xu Cui
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phpBB 3 spam filter

Standard phpBB captcha is broken. I modify it such that the user need to add the numbers in captcha images and enter the result (e.g. 1+2+3=6), instead of enter the original characters (e.g. ‘123’). Enter folder /includes/ucp edit file uc
Xu Cui
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X11 with PuTTY

X window doesn’t work with PuTTY (download) alone. Download, install and run xming (~2M). Check “Enable X11 forwarding” in PuTTY configuration window, and ssh to your server. Check if X window works by run command “xclock̶
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vim cheatsheet Author: Nana Långstedt < nana.langstedt at >   Working with files Vim command Action :e filename Open a new file. You can use the Tab key for automatic file name completion, just li
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