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Standard phpBB captcha is broken. I modify it such that the user need to add the numbers in captcha images and enter the result (e.g. 1+2+3=6), instead of enter the original characters (e.g. ‘123’).

Enter folder /includes/ucp

edit file ucp_confirm.php: around line 75, find $captcha->execute($row … ) and change to $captcha->execute(‘123’,…)

edit file ucp_register.php:

around line 191 (‘confirm_code’ = > …), change the mimum # of characters to 1 (instead of 5).

around line 489, find $code = gen_rand_string(mt_rand … and change to $code = ‘6’

Enter folder /

edit file posting.php: around line 755, find line if(empty($confirm_row … and change $confirm_row[‘code’] = ‘6’

Enter folder /language/en/common.php, change ‘CONFIRMATION_CODE_EXPLAIN’ strings to ‘Add all the numbers and enter the result’


Want to receive new post notification? 有新文章通知我


该文章可以通过该链接完整阅读(包括图片。这些图片有时微信禁止转载)。 我们印象当中,发文章需要做大量的实验和分析。实验对象可以是原子、病毒,可以是疾病、人群,也可以是恒星、宇宙。可是,如果分析的对象是
Xu Cui
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Google Chrome takes too much CPU

I have been noticing for a while that Chrome takes too much of my CPU. It constantly consumes about ~30% or even more CPU even if I have only a blank page opened. As a consequence, my CPU fan is always running, making some noise which can be annoying
Xu Cui
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Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS): List of manufactures

Contents Company Products Artinis Brite, OxyMon, OctaMon, PortaMon, PortaLite BIOPAC fNIR 100, fNIR2000M Series CORTIVISION PHOTONCAP Huichuang Medical NirScan-900X, NirSmartⅡ- Pro GOWERLABS NTS fNIRS system, LUMO HAMAMATSU NIRO-200NX HITACHI ETG-410
Xiaodan Feng
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