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“a file found in the source-path must have the…

When you use mxmlc to compile files, you might encounter this error. You need to add source-path option: mxmlc -source-path C:/p/y/src/ -file-specs -debug=true
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What can you do with 25 lines of actionscript?
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Transparent windows with the mx:Window

You set systemChrome=”none” but it still doesn’t work? You probably forget to set showFlexChrome="false"
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localToGlobal doesn’t work

You need to make sure you don’t call localToGlobal too early. If you call this function in creationComplete event of the application, you will...
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Amf3Broker error and fix

I encounter this error in an AIR application which uses amfphp for remoting: The class {Amf3Broker} could not be found under the class path...
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Adobe Flex 3 Component Life Cycle

Adobe Flex 3 Component Life Cycle View more presentations from rjowen.
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因为写peaya paper的缘故,对Adobe的一些新技术有所了解,简单介绍几个吧: 1。stratus,rtmfp服务器,可以实现p2p网络电话,视频聊天。也可以做简单的游戏。现为beta,免费,不清楚以后是不是收费 2。Adobe Flash Collaboration Service,比stratus更强大些,可以多人聊天,聊天室,黑板,文件传输分享等。beta 3。Alchemy,可以让C C++代码编译成可在flash或AIR下运行,速度和C接近。我自己没有多实验,不过听起来很不错,因为flash给人的感觉就是比较慢,这样会快很多。 4。catalyst,可以在photoshop里画程序界面,然后转换成真正的界面。 5。Adobe AIR,不算新了(有两年了),可以用web程序语言(ajax,actionscript)写跨平台独立的桌面程序。peaya paper就是基于actionscript和AIR
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Peaya Paper, Paper and PDF manager

I’m using Peaya Paper to manage my papers:
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Show debug error window of installed AIR application

By default, the debug error window are suppressed for an installed AIR application. Sometimes you may want to enable it (say to gather information...
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Dynamic height of TextArea (Flex and AIR)

Believe it or not, this is actually not trivial. Instead of getting text height from TextArea.textHeight, retrieving from TextArea.textField.textHeight works. Also note validateNow() before...
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