Terrific AIR applications

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You can get all applications from Adobe Marketplace

Beautiful Design

  1. Employee Directory
    Elegant design. This application drives me to learn AIR.
  2. Adobe Media Player
    Elegant design
  3. Time 100 Desktop
    Nice design. Rotating globe, rotating pictures in 3D
  4. Times Reader
    Great text layout (how they did that?!)
  5. AOL Top 100 Videos
    Nice design, video play
  6. Spreadtweet
    Interesting idea: an excel interface but indeed a twitter client
  7. Acrobat.com for My Desktop
    Beautiful design. Buzzword is simply cool!
  8. Finetune Desktop
    Beautiful style
  9. Adobe Media Player
    Beautiful design
  10. Sam’s Interactive Reader

Useful functions

  1. Colabolo
    Issue manager. Useful functions.
  2. Adobe Developer Connection
    Useful functions
  3. Icon Generator
    Generate icons, Very useful
  4. ActionScript 3.0 Diagram Viewer
    it would be nice if it could be more interactive
  5. Mockups For Desktop


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Flash 3D video demo

Racer Ostrova Zombie
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