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How much money did I make from an app?

Undoubtedly some people are very successful in making money by developing a smartphone app. Back in 2012 I developed an app called “Handbook of...
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Handy programs to visualize NIRS data (2): plotTopoMap

Often you need to view the spatial pattern of activation as in the example below. plotTopoMap allows you to do that. It probably only...
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Flash 3D video demo

Racer Ostrova Zombie
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Copy/Paste keyboard shortcut doesn’t work under Mac

In your AIR application, if you overwrite the application menu, you might find that the keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Cmd-C, V) doesn’t work under Mac....
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use asdoc to generate documents

First, your asdoc.exe should be in your system path Open command window, cd to your project folder. In this folder, you should find src...
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Adobe AIR 2 beta is out

Adobe AIR 2 beta is out last night (Nov 16, 2009). It includes a number of highly expected features including launching native applications. It...
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NativeApplication.nativeApplication.exit() doesn’t exit

If your AIR application needs to do something (e.g. saving some settings) before quitting, you may listen to the Event.EXITING event, and then preventDefault(),...
Xu Cui
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AIR application is invisible with mx:Application

If you use mx:WindowedApplication, you won’t have this problem. If you use mx:Application, you may find your application is not visible after launching. Solution: ...
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Unable to build a valid certificate chain for the…

How to get a cert in the first place: If you encounter this error when signing your AIR application, do the following: Download...
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Terrific AIR applications

You can get all applications from Adobe Marketplace Beautiful Design Employee Directory Elegant design. This application drives me to learn AIR. Adobe Media Player...
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