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p2p connection with Adobe AIR/Flex

check out Stratus. With Stratus you can create: A video chat application Multi-player games Voice Over IP Also check out this tutorial
Xu Cui
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AIR or Flex: Double click datagrid doesn’t work?

If so, you might forget to set doubleClickEnabled=true for the datagrid.
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Localize AIR/Flex applications

The very first thing to do is to create a locale file using copylocale utility. e.g. copylocale en_US zh_CN More detail can be found...
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Data binding using pure actionscript

To call a function when a property of an object changes, use the following code BindingUtils.bindSetter(callThisFunction, aObject, "prop"); Note, callThisFunction is a setter...
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View 200+ AIR/Flex samples (Tour de Flex) Especially checkout two applications: 1. Badger 2. Transparent video window
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regular expression in actionscript

lazy quantifier: Add a question mark (?) after any quantifier to change it to what is known as a lazy quantifier. For example, the...
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Lock datagrid column width

In my datagrid, even when I set the width of some columns explicitly, they always change in an unpredictable way when I (1) resize...
Xu Cui
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create a thumbnail of an image in actionscript

Assume test1.jpg is the original file and test1_thumb.jpg is the thumbnail file to be created. The width or height of the thumbnail is of...
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upload a file with php and AIR

Let’s say you want to upload a file to your server with your AIR program (using File.upload). On the server side you have a...
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includeInLayout hide/show a component

Let’s say you have a Label and you want to show this label only when condition == true, you may do this: <mx:VBox> ......
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