Driver Detective

I had been using a Lenovo Edge laptop, and one day it died. The operation system (windows 7) was corrupted. After installing a new Windows 7, I found the computer is impossible to use – it does not find the wireless adapter and the screen resol
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Apply a Formula to an Entire Column in Excel

Two Ways to Apply a Formula to an Entire Column in Excel This small trick can be handy if you have a lot of rows. The most commonly used method – dragging down – will be too time consuming in this case.
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Say No to SCA 5

Universities should not accept students based on race. Say No to SCA 5
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Find unique values in Excel

Assume you have two columns in an Excel sheet. Column A contains some names, Column B also contains some names, some of which are duplicates from A. You want to know which ones are unique, and you want to create a column C where only unique names are
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How to retrieve text from a picture

Update: a free online tool where you can paste image directly: I get a picture and would like to copy the text in the picture. But since there are a lot of text, I do not want to type. So I wish there is a tool which ca
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VMWare Player: guest OS not full screen?

VMWare Player is a great free tool if you want to run multiple operating systems on one computer. For example, you may have a Mac but need to run a few programs on Windows. Instead of purchasing a new Windows computer, you can simply use VMWare Playe
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Backblaze, a nice backup tool

I purchased at least 2 portable hard drives and many USB drives to backup important files. For a while I did my backup every day by copying files to the portable hard drives. But then I get lazy and stopped doing this. The last time I backup was prob
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问:你这么年轻,为什么不找份工作,靠自己能力去吃饭,干嘛在这里乞讨? 乞者答:我跪在这里,是让自己的虚荣一败涂地。是让自己的面子,无地自容。是让自己的虚假,彻底崩溃。我不是因为吃饭而做乞丐,也不是因为
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