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If you are interested in the full package of xjview, including nirs related scripts, please fill the following form: Name Email If you are only interested in the display function of xjview, please go to to download.
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Brain surface template

Sometimes we need to work on the surface of a brain. Here I create a surface mask based on the standard avg152T1 image (MNI space) for you to download. Visualized in xjview, you can see the mask in the yellow curved lines. It’s actually a surfa
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Handy programs to visualize NIRS data (6): plotAverage

This is the 6th post of the series: Handy programs to visualize NIRS data When we do an experiment, we often repeat an event (or block) for a few times. For example, in a typical finger tapping task, we ask the participants to do a finger tapping for
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Extracting wavelet coherence values

In my previous blog ( and in our paper titled “NIRS-based hyperscanning reveals increased interpersonal coherence in superior frontal cortex during cooperation” (full text pdf available ), we have shown
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Artinis’ PortaLite

Note: I am not affiliated with Artinis and they don’t pay me for this post. If you also sell portable NIRS device and would like to demo to me, I am happy to see it. Marco, the salesman of Artinis, gave me a demo of their wireless/portable NIRS
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What does a wavelet coherence plot tell you?

Can you find any pattern in the two signals, green and blue? The blue signal is the brain wave (measured by NIRS) of a person when he is pressing some buttons (the timing of button pressing is shown in the vertical lines); the green signal is also br
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Hyperscanning with Near Infrared Spectroscopy

This is a manuscript Chao and myself prepared for a “commentary”. We think NIRS based hyperscanning has a great potential on the shift from one-person neuroscience to 2-people neuroscience. —- Toward an Ecologically Valid Second-per
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A trick to detect bad channel in NIRS data…

Some noise is easy to detect – simply plotting the time courses of NIRS signal, you will find the noise so out of range and you will discard the data. However, I find in some instances the noise level seems to be in the normal range but the dat
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Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS): List of manufactures

This post is under updating … The information is not complete Table can be found here: Artinis OctaMon The m
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