A mistake in my False discovery rate (FDR) correction…

I have posted an FDR script at I noticed that there is a small bug. In rare cases, this bug will cause the most significant voxel to be classified as ‘non-significant’ while other voxels are ‘sign
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Some tips to use wavelet toolbox

Wavelet toolbox is a useful tool to study hyperscanning data. Many recent publications on NIRS hyperscanning use wavelet coherence to quantify the relationship between two interacting brains (e.g. Baker et al 2016, Nozawa et al 2016). You can see mor
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Who cited my paper?

Back in 2010 we published a paper titled “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) signal improvement based on negative correlation between oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin dynamics“. It is about a really simple method which sur
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Stork is my best research assistant (2): Grant alert

Does my boss have money? I am looking for a postdoc position; does my future boss have enough funding to support me? How much money was awarded to my field (e.g. NIRS)? And who got the money? What are they going to do with the money? Have you ever wo
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Projection of a NIRS channel on a brain surface

When analyzing the data in our concurrent NIRS-fMRI study, we are particularly interested in how the NIRS signals were correlated to the fMRI signal. To answer the question we need to create an ROI (region of interest) in brain which is directly unde
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Finger tapping task MatLab script

Finger tapping is probably the most used task in brain imaging studies (fMRI and NIRS). The task is simple and elicits robust brain signal in the motor cortex. We always use it to test new devices or develop a new method. If you want to control your
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Stork is my best research assistant

When I was a graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine, I found myself often in an embarrassing situation — I felt completely lost when my fellow graduate students heatedly discussed a paper in our field but I never heard of this publicati
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我在Baylor College of Medicine读研究生的时候经常遇到一种尴尬局面,就是同学们在热烈讨论本领域某篇文献的时候,我一脸茫然 — 因为我压根就不知道这篇文章。回头Pub
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xjView 8.13 released. Allow to change the minimum of…

xjView 8.14 just released. Download link: xjView 8.13 is released with the following new features: Allow to change the minimum value of the color bar range. This will enable you to do Create a symmetric color bar fro
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