Stork is my best research assistant (2): Grant alert

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  1. Does my boss have money?
  2. I am looking for a postdoc position; does my future boss have enough funding to support me?
  3. How much money was awarded to my field (e.g. NIRS)? And who got the money? What are they going to do with the money?

Have you ever wondered these questions? In the early years as a graduate students, I rarely asked “money” questions. It does not sound what a “true” scientist should care.  I was even puzzled when I realized my boss spent more than half of his time writing grant applications – shouldn’t he spend most of his time doing experiments and write papers?

As a postdoc I found myself spend a lot of time writing grant applications; and realized my career is critically depending on the success of securing enough funding. I also see a few colleagues had to leave academia due to lack of funding.  It would be nice if there is a tool which can notify me of the funding situation in a timely manner.

Stork is such a tool.

I entered some keywords into Stork, including “pearl chiu” (my former colleague) and “nirs brain” (my research field). Below is a letter I got from Stork:

Stork notifies me of awarded grants
Stork notifies me of awarded grants

With the information Stork provides, I know who in our field got grants and what they proposed. In fact the 3rd one is my colleague Manish who is interested in using NIRS in resting-state brain network study. I also got to know Pearl got a big gran, so I sent her a congratulation note.

Compared to journal papers alert, grants alert helps me to know the trend of my field much earlier. This is because publications are usually a few years delayed from grants.

If you also want to be the first one to know new grants in your field, why don’t you give Stork a try? I’m sure you’ll be delighted!

Receive email notification via email 博客有新内容通知我

Don't want to miss new papers in your field? Check out Stork we developed:


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Xu Cui
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第二十六期 fNIRS Journal Club 视频

来自上海精神卫生中心的胡志善博士为大家介绍了一篇他们去年发表的综述(静息态近红外在研究发育的应用)。视频如下: Youtube: Youku:
Xu Cui
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第二十六期 fNIRS Journal Club 通知 2022/1/15,10:00am

来自上海精神卫生中心的胡志善博士将为大家介绍具体一篇他们去年发表的综述(静息态近红外在研究发育的应用)。热烈欢迎大家参与讨论。 时间: 北京时间2022年1月15日上午10:00地点: https://zoom.com房间号: 897 8179 5073密码: 333858 胡博士要讲解的文章如下: Hu, Liu, Dong, Niu (2020) Applications of Resting-State fNIRS in the Developing Brain: A Review...
Xu Cui
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3 Replies to “Stork is my best research assistant (2): Grant alert”

  1. Hi Xu,
    STORK is my best research assistant, too. It could have been very helpful if it reminds me conferences’ deadlines which are related to my key words:)
    Thanks again for sharing information.
    All the best

  2. Hi Xu,
    Stork helps me a lot!
    I can easily track the topic that I am interested in.
    Yafeng Pan

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