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Updated loadHitachiText.m

Some labs have been using our script readHitachiData.m to load NIRS data from Hitachi ETG machines. We recently found that some output MES data contains abnormal timestamp. For example, the timestamp should be like 16:49:25.406 But for some rows (alt
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Chin rest (head holder) device for NIRS

When we set up our NIRS lab back in 2008, we needed a device to prevent participants’ head movement during the experiment and during the digitizer measurement. Even though NIRS is tolerant to head motion, we still want to minimize it. During th
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We contributed to MatLab (wavelet toolbox)

We use MatLab a lot! It’s the major program for brain imaging data analysis in our lab. However, I never thought we could actually contribute to MatLab’s development. In MatLab 2016, there is a toolbox called Wavelet Toolbox. If you read
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Communications between two MatLabs (2): over socket

After the previous blog post Communications between two MatLabs (1) over file, Aaron Piccirilli in our lab suggested a more efficient way to communicate between two matlabs, i.e. over socket. Below is the source code provided by Aaron: udpSocket = ud
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1. 我的导师是否有经费? 2. 我在寻找博后的职位;我未来的老板是否有足够的经费支持我? 3. 有多少经费拨给了我的研究领域(比如NIRS)?谁得到了这些经费?他们将用这些经费做什么? 你是否也曾考
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Manish Saggar in our lab brought something very cool – a helmet like EEG system. He called it “dry” EEG because it does not requite gel. The design is not polished, but it’s cheap, like $800. And it does not need long wires to
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Some tips to use wavelet toolbox

Wavelet toolbox is a useful tool to study hyperscanning data. Many recent publications on NIRS hyperscanning use wavelet coherence to quantify the relationship between two interacting brains (e.g. Baker et al 2016, Nozawa et al 2016). You can see mor
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Just published a paper: Men vs Women, are they…

We just published a big and long study. It is a NIRS hyperscanning study aiming to investigate the brain difference between men and women during cooperation. We have scanned 222 people! And it is one of the largest NIRS study I have seen. And it is a
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Who cited my paper?

Back in 2010 we published a paper titled “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) signal improvement based on negative correlation between oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin dynamics“. It is about a really simple method which sur
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