Recommending a free reference manager, Peaya Paper

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Reference managing is pretty annoying. But you can’t do research without reading papers, and can’t write manuscript without citing papers. Here I recommend a program which will effectively solve this problem.

Peaya Paper is like EndNote, but with the following features:

  1. Cloud-based. I can access my papers and PDFs on any computer. For example, I added a paper in the lab, and when I return home and log in Peaya Paper I can find that paper. Peaya Paper can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux (and android).
  2. Easy collaboration. I added David in our lab as my Peaya friend and I can see what he is been reading lately. I can also recommend new interesting papers to him. More importantly, when we were working on a manuscript together, I cited the papers in his library directly.
  3. Realtime reference hinting. I found I need a “writing mood” to write papers. But my writing mood was always interrupted when I had to switch between Word and Endnote, and switch between keyboard and mouse. Now with the “realtime reference hinting” feature, I can cite in MS Word without breaking my flow. I simply type {{ and all my papers are listed. If I want to cite a paper authored by “David”, then I simply type {{david and only David’s papers are listed. Then I hit return and insert the citation. After the paper is done, I select a journal (e.g. Nature) and the citation is formatted accordingly.
  4. Import from EndNote. I have 60 papers in my EndNote library. First I saved my EndNote library as xml format, then imported that xml file in Peaya Paper. All my papers (and PDFs) are imported.

Other features include new paper alert, tagging, pdf/figure thumbnail, and discussion, etc. I’m sure your productivity will be improved a lot.

Where to download:

Disclosure: I am the founder of Peaya.

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