How to control ETG-4000 and receive realtime feedback simultaneously?

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If you want to control ETG-4000 with your program through the serial port, and at the same time your experiment requires realtime feedback from the ETG4000, you can either merge the RealtimeOT script and your presentation script (which will be very complicated), or you simply start two MatLab sessions and use one to receive feedback from ETG-4000 and the other to send commands and markers to ETG-4000 and deliver your presentation (diagram below).

NIRS bidirectional communication
NIRS bidirectional communication

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  1. Hi Professor,

    As I am new to ETG-4000 how can I give my paradigms to the machine. As ETG-4000 has only one built in paradigm i.e. verbal fluency task is it possible to add more tasks according to one own research e.g. (multiple cognitive tasks)?


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