Number of publications of popular NIRS devices in 2015 (and 2014)

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When you shop a new NIRS device, you want to compare all the different options in the market. One of the questions you may ask is: has anybody else been using the same device and how many? To this end, we compiled the number of publications citing some of the popular NIRS devices in 2015 as well in 2014.

Number of publications of popular NIRS devices
Number of publications of popular NIRS devices

Not surprisingly, Hitachi’s ETG 4000 still leads the market in terms of number of references. Our lab owes one since 2008. But Artinis and NIRx are quickly catching up. We recently have purchased NIRx’s NIRSPORT and trying out Artinis OctaMon as we are interested in portable NIRS devices.

It should be noted that both NIRx and Artinis offer multiple NIRS devices and the number above includes all devices.


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