What can Big Analysis tell you?

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We have recently updated the “Big Analysis” advanced feature of Stork. We added the option of analyzing middle authors, the option to merge different names of the same hospitals, and merge certain researchers who have various name formats. Below is what “Big Analysis” can tell us:
Growth Trend
Is a field growing or dying?

Researcher Ranking and Network
Who are the top experts and how are they related?

Institute Ranking
Which are the top institutes in a field?

Hospital Ranking
Which are the top hospitals in a field?

Company Ranking
Which are the top companies in a field?

Country Ranking
Which are the top countries in a field?

Term Frequency Analysis
Which term is mentioned most frequently in a field?

Disease Analysis
What are the top diseases mentioned in a field?

Gene Analysis
What are the top genes in a field?

Journal Ranking
Which journals are publishing most papers in a field?

Compare Growth of Multiple Keywords
Which field is growing faster?

Brain Area Analysis
Which brain area is mentioned most in a field?



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