每天的新文献太多了,根本没时间读。怎么办?这时候就需要快速地甄别出重要文献。为了帮助大家做到这一点,文献鸟做了两件事情: 高亮标记了高影响因子的文献,并且文献按影响因子排列 显示中科院期刊分区信息,并
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BOLD5000, A public fMRI dataset of 5000 images

Official website and download Full text paper link Good news for brain imaging researchers. There is a new dataset available for you to play with. BOLD5000 is a large-scale, slow event-related fMRI dataset collected on 4 subjects, each observing 5,25
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Stork API, a single line becomes a list of…

I want to show a list of my own publications on my webpage, is there an easy way to do so? Yes, Stork API, a single line of code, allows you to show a list of publications given a keyword. You only need to put the code to your webpage once, and then
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Google Dataset search, a great tool for fNIRS and…

Google just launched a new search engine: Google Dataset search. With this app, scientists can search public datasets published in scientific journals (and possibly other sources). According to Google, “Dataset Search enables users to find data
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[Tool] How To Convert Image To Text (OCR)

You are reading a book or article online, and want to copy/paste a few sentences. But then you realize the book or article prevents you to copy, or maybe the book/article is an image. Instead of typing the sentences, you can use a tool to automatical
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1. 我的导师是否有经费? 2. 我在寻找博后的职位;我未来的老板是否有足够的经费支持我? 3. 有多少经费拨给了我的研究领域(比如NIRS)?谁得到了这些经费?他们将用这些经费做什么? 你是否也曾考
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DDoS Attack Threat

I recently received an email who threatens to attack a server I am running – unless I pay them 0.2 Bitcoin (about $93 US dollars). Anybody know how to handle this? Below is the email: —– From: [email protected] subject li
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NIRS manufactures locations

Where are the major NIRS device manufactures? You can see from the map below. There are NIRS manufactures in US, Japan, Europe and Korea. If you are a NIRS manufacture and would like to add to this list, please let me know (leave a comment in this po
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