How to retrieve text from a picture

Update: a free online tool where you can paste image directly: https://alivelearn.net/?p=2047 I get a picture and would like to copy the text in...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

Raspberry Pi for research labs (1)

Raspberry Pi for research labs (3) Raspberry Pi for research labs (2) Raspberry Pi is a mini and incredibly cheap PC. The size is...
Xu Cui
1 min read

Backblaze, a nice backup tool

I purchased at least 2 portable hard drives and many USB drives to backup important files. For a while I did my backup every...
Xu Cui
53 sec read

AutoPager Chrome, Very useful productivity tool

When I search google or browsing blogs, I often need to click “next page” to go to the next page. This Chrome extension by...
Xu Cui
8 sec read

Learning PaperBox in 2 minutes

PaperBox is a cloud reference manager ideal for labs and teams to collaborate. Get it here: http://www.peaya.com/paperbox Learning PaperBox in 2 minutes from Xu...
Xu Cui
6 sec read

Cohort analysis

Cohort analysis is a good metric on how users engage to an application. To do this, you: Break the users into cohorts according to...
Xu Cui
28 sec read

Flash 3D video demo

Racer Ostrova Zombie
Xu Cui
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GMail Advanced Search

As I have quite some emails (>13000) in gmail, searching more efficiently becomes a necessity. Fortunately gmail offers some advanced search syntax. http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=7190 Search...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

Malicious website mimicing twitter

You may receive a direct message from one of your friends saying: Hi, xxx! A new twitter service! Try it, nice one! http://twltter.ru/ Don’t...
Xu Cui
18 sec read

Mostly used password

The most common password is 123456, about 1% people are using it.
Xu Cui
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