Backblaze, a nice backup tool

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I purchased at least 2 portable hard drives and many USB drives to backup important files. For a while I did my backup every day by copying files to the portable hard drives. But then I get lazy and stopped doing this. The last time I backup was probably a year ago. My portable drive is covered by dust. I always have this fear in the background: what if my computer collapse?

By chance I ran into backblaze and immediately love it. It simply backup all your computer (except operation system and application files) silently in the background all the time. After the initial installation, you don’t have to do anything. Great!

Is it similar to Dropbox? I am also a user of dropbox. No, they are different. The main purpose of dropbox is to make file synchronization over multiple computers easy. And yes you have to put your files in dropbox’s folder. Backblaze backs up all your files. Then when bad things happen you can retrieve your file thru web (or you can request them to send you the files via mail). The backed up files are not meant to be retrieved frequently.

You can check Backblaze out at

[update 2013/8/19] After using Backblaze for a while, I think there are two issues Backblaze have:

  1. Sometimes it takes a lot of CPU
  2. After a external hard disc is backedup, you have to connect the hard disc at least once a month otherwise Backblaze will delete your backups.


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