Converting DICOM files to Analyze file in batch mode

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I use SPM’s dicom import function to convert DICOM files to Analyze files. But it’s quite inconvenient if I have 20 subjects. Below is a script to do this conversion automatically. You can call this function inside a loop.

function dicom2img(files)
% function dicom2img(files)
% This function is to convert dicom files to Analyze image files using SPM
% script
% files (optional): list of dicom files
% Xu Cui

if(nargin < 1)
    if findstr('SPM2',spm('ver'))
        files = spm_get('files', pwd, '*.dcm');
        files = spm_select('list', pwd, '\.dcm');

hdr = spm_dicom_headers(files);


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8 Replies to “Converting DICOM files to Analyze file in batch mode”

  1. Thanks for the code.I am using SPM5 and it does not have the function name spm_get.But I have replaced the function spm_get with spm_get_data.I have also passed the value of variable ‘files’.But still I am not getting the result.To access the files I have used following code:

    owd=input(‘Enter the path of RAW images:\n’);

    Kindly provide me the code and help

  2. The program runs and gives me error “Cant yet convert Phillips Intera DICOM”..This error is generated from spm_dicom_convert.m file.I do not understand why I am getting this message and how to remove it.

  3. The above code worked with some changes.Now in my code i need to direct the analysis files to another directory.I need it to be done inside the code.Please help me with it.

  4. Dear Xu!

    I am using spm8 and trying to batch the dicom import.
    Do you know how I can search also the subdirectories of the DICOM folder?

    So far,I cd to the DICOM folder and use
    [files,dirs]=cfg_getfile(‘list’, pwd, ‘.’);
    and get the subdirectories only.

    Thank you! Dorothea

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