LaTex support (2020)

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I used to use jsMath to support latex in this website, but it no longer works (I have no idea why). The one I am using right now in this blog is MathJax LaTex WordPress plugin. A pleasant surprise is that my old equations (e.g. in Balloon model) still work under this new plugin.

Update 2020/04/21: Now I disabled loading MathJax for every page. To enable it on a page, I need to have the mathjax shortcode anywhere in the page (Square brackets around mathjax).

To write an equation, use double dollar sign:

$$\int {1\over x}\,dx = \ln(x)+C$$

To write an in-line equation, use slash parenthesis: \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma=\pi\)

Let’s write the most beautiful equation ever:


The source code is:

Here is my setting for MathJax LaTex plugin:


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