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Stork is a free app which helps me track new publications. I wrote an article before: Stork is my best research assistant.

But if your keywords are too broad, then you will find yourself flooded with new papers. Eventually, you will simply ignore the alert emails.

Now Stork has a new feature to help. When you enter a keyword, Stork will evaluate the keyword and give you suggestions. For example, if the keyword is too broad, Stork will tell you to narrow it down.

Here is a demo:

You may try the new feature at Stork.


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想象一下,你正在探索一个庞大的图书馆,一本书就是一篇科研文献,书架上的每一本书都通过无数条丝线与其他书籍相连,这些丝线代表了引用和被引用的关系。 在这个图书馆中,有一个神秘的向导——文献鸟Stork的
Xu Cui
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硕士的时候经常听我室友说他们课题组例会交流的文献都是领域内最新的研究进展,导师上课时更是对这些研究如数家珍。 羡慕得我赶紧向她取经,她微微一笑,告诉我她们组都是通过文献鸟Stork来订阅文献,只需要输
Xu Cui
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ChatPaper update: read 2 papers at the same time

Our ChatPaper is your best AI reading assistant. Now it has a new power – read two papers at the same time! To try or purchase, please visit the ChatPaper homepage To learn about other advanced features of Stork and membership, please click Ann
Xu Cui
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