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Learning Employee Directory 3.3 Component

February 13th, 2008

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1. CustomAutoComplete

This component can be very useful. It pops up a list of suggestions based on characters entered by the user. This is a very simple example on how to use it:

<controls:CustomAutoComplete id="searchInput"
dataProvider="{ searchResults }"

And below is the the script part of the main mxml file I used to test this component.

   import mx.controls.Alert;

   import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

   private var searchResults:ArrayCollection  = new ArrayCollection();
   private var all:ArrayCollection  = new ArrayCollection();
   private function init():void
    all.addItem({displayName:"abc", name:"Jack Smith"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"abd", name:"John Win"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"abe", name:"Bob XC"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"acd", name:"LIN Bobby"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"efg", name:"xie iix"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"efv", name:"xfe abc"});
    all.addItem({displayName:"hik", name:"45 65"});
   private function onTextChange():void
    var ii:int;
     if (all[ii].displayName.indexOf(searchInput.typedText) != -1)
   private function onSelectionChange():void
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