An fMRI ROI analysis program (beta)

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Previously I said I was developing a ROI analysis program ( Here it is:

fMRI ROI Analysis
fMRI ROI Analysis

Download main program (beta version) at

Download sample input excel file:

Download sample output excel file:

Download sample mask file at:

Any questions? Please leave a comment.

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第二十五期 fNIRS Journal Club 视频

来自华东师范大学的胡银莹博士为大家介绍了具体如何计算和验证超扫描实验中脑间同步性,并分享做fNIRS实验相关方面的应用经验。视频如下: Youtube: Youku:上传后被youku屏蔽,原因不详。
Xu Cui
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第二十五期 fNIRS Journal Club 通知 2021/11/27,10:00am

来自华东师范大学的胡银莹博士将为大家介绍具体如何计算和验证超扫描实验中脑间同步性,并分享做fNIRS实验相关方面的应用经验。热烈欢迎大家参与讨论。 时间: 北京时间2021年11月27日上午10:00地点: https://zoom.com房间号: 846 2034 9158密码: 064380 胡银莹博士要讲解的文章如下: How to Calculate and Validate Inter-brain Synchronization in a fNIRS Hyperscanning Study. Hu, Wang, Song,...
Xu Cui
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北京时间2021/10/23,10:00am, 来自韩国釜山国立大学Keum-Shik Hong教授团队的杨大林同学为大家介绍了如何结合深度学习和近红外扫描技术实现早期老年痴呆症的识别,并分享深度学习技术在相关方面的应用经验 。 Youtube: Youku: 相关资源: 文献鸟(追踪科学文献)文献大分析(两分钟了解一个领域)
Xu Cui
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3 Replies to “An fMRI ROI analysis program (beta)”

  1. Dear Dr. Cui,
    I’m a PhD student majoring in social cognitive neuroscience. I’m very interested in your ROI software. Could you please send me the copy to my e-mail address?
    Besides, I just wonder what’s the difference between your software and MarsBar?
    Thanks a lot!

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Dr. Xu

    I am a doctor students in SYSU and NYU. I am writing some fMRI papers recently and using your xjview software. Thank you for your wonderful software. I will cite the name of xjview in my papers. Thanks again.

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