I am developing a fMRI ROI analysis program

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Check out the program: https://www.alivelearn.net/?p=1439

This program has a very simple graphic interface – only 2 buttons. The ‘load data’ button will ask you to load an excel file where you specify the path of images and event timing for every subject; the ‘run’ button will start running the ROI analysis. In the end, all result is put in an excel file.

fMRI ROI Analysis
fMRI ROI Analysis

If you are interested using a beta version of this program, please leave a comment below. I will send you the program when it’s ready.

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5 Replies to “I am developing a fMRI ROI analysis program”

  1. I would like to study and try to use the fMRI ROI analysis program, please send me one copy. Thank you Dr. Cui in advance.

  2. Hi, DR.Cui
    I am Mehdi From IUST university. i study about the human attention mechanism, i need to extract the voxel doz and coordinate. i can use your software?
    Please help me.
    if it is free please send me,my e-mail is behroozi@ipm.ir
    Thank you

  3. Dear Dr.Cui
    I am using your Peaya paper and XJView with great pleasure. On hearing your development of fMRI ROI analysis program. I am very glad to try one. Please send one copy to me. Thank you very much.

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